What is not included?

  • Cleaning windows outside (insurance reasons).

  • Cleaning of windows of winter gardens, glazed terraces or similar.

  • cleaning of attachments such as blinds, shutters

  • Painting, electrical work and handicraft activities

  • Clearing out and removal of garbage in non-household quantities as well as special garbage

  • Transport as well as assembly and disassembly of furniture as well as cleaning of a second object.

  • Areas outside the living quarters (e.g. cellar rooms) and garden work

  • Removal of coarse paint and paste residues

  • Defrosting of refrigerators and interior cleaning of ovens, microwaves and refrigerators

  • Cleaning of fireplaces and ovens

  • Deep cleaning of balcony and terrace floors and removal of bird droppings

If a service you need is not included, contact us at  services@helpling.de or +4930255585906 and we will try to find a flexible solution.